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***** Update please read the READ ME on the forum. ******

Hi guys,
it's been a long time coming I know so thank for the wait.
here is a link for the new mod.
When using the new mod you will have to redo any maps that you had previously saved as the new turn counter and model changes ect, wont affect any save games from previous versions.

Here is the change log:

Necrons update:
Overlord added
short cut fixed for alt design on the night/doom scythe

Main Mod:
Zoom/Hover, Flying MC Swoop/Glide, Warp Charge(right click to expend charge and it will auto roll 2D6), Snap Shot, Locked Velocity, Blind, Fear, Stealth, Shrouded, Strikedown, Soul Blaze tokens added.
Toolbar icons REMOVED.
New terrain added.
Warlord Traits added to Models.
Hull Points added.
Turn Counter Updated to include sub-phases and reminder to roll for powers, reserves, ect.
Vehicle Disembark 6” range added to models.
Dice Rollers Updated.
Mysterious Obj counter added (like the scatter dice)

Chaos updated to new codex.

Any saved maps you may have done will need to be redone or the new turn counter wont show the correct sequence.

there will be a new section in the forum in the coming days for a bug report for each army that you can use.

hope i haven't missed anything, but i'm sure to hear about it if i have

Magnus is working on getting it so we can import our army lists into Vassal quicker using Battlescribe. It is a free tool to use on windows. It is also available on ios and android but for a small cost of around £3. Links for the site and data files are to the right.
WIP update. A majority of the new chaos models sprites are done. New dice rollers for 6th edition are done. New terrain has been created for fortifications and new board layouts including a real of battle board. Check the forums for more including pics.

Vassal40k's new home created. Check back here for new updates on the mod and WIP shots.


++ Vassal40k Latest Version ++

Vassal40k Version 6

Old version 5.4f Download

Use Battle scribe to build army lists and import army into vassal.
Battle Scribe Download
Data Files Downloads