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How to install Vassal 40k correctly

Step 1:
Having installed the Vassal Engine and downloaded the module, place the zip file wherever you want. For this example, I put it in my Vassal install folder.
Read the full post for all the info!

Step 2:
Right click the zip and extract the zip file with whatever program you prefer to use.

Step 3:
You should now have a folder called “Vassal40k”.

Step 4:
Open said Vassal40k Folder, you should see something like this. If you don’t, make it so you do. The extensions are contained within the Vassal40k_ext folder.

Step 5:
Open the Vassal Engine and select “File > Open Module” and browse to the “Vassal40k.vmod” file.

Step 6:
The Vassal Engine should auto-magically detect the extensions and you are ready to go!

If, for some reason, this doesn’t work, open the main module, close out of Vassal, re-open and right click the module and add the extensions manually. You shouldn’t need to do this however…


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